Aksel INC. It was established in 1978 with a modest capital. According to the conditions of that day, our company, which is in the commercial market with the purchase and sale of paper, and cardboard, has developed into a deep-rooted structure that operates in different fields both in the domestic market and in the world markets with a rapid growth trend and draws a successful graph in its activity fields.

The main areas of activity of the company can be summarized as follows.

- Import, export and storage of paper, cardboard, kraft liner, cellulose and recyclable waste materials.
- Import and storage of specially produced steel sheets with high strength and abrasion resisant steels required for the production of construction machinery and mobile equipment.
- Import and storage of various chemicals.
- Planning and financing of various industrial projects.

Our company has a very modest capital in the years it was founded and today's turnover is expressed in figures with nine figures.